Felipe Gonçalves started photography as a young boy.

His father had a factory to build machines to developing photography

and, when he was 8 years old, Felipe started to work as an

apprentice for a few days a month. Four years later he found himself

printing photography in dark rooms, following his father’s

steps in growing the photography business.
At this time, Gonçalves also used to spend some of his free time at a

small photography studio owned by his parents.
When he was 14 years old he was taking portraits at the studio and

started working as a professional photographer, taking photos of the

Street Carnivals. He was also helping his uncle and other photographers as a lighting assistant and eventually as a second photographer.
Felipe has always had a camera in his hands thanks to his parent’s family business. Before turning 18, Goncalves was already a professional photography developer, both black & white and colour, and used to manage one of the family portrait studios. When he was 17 he photographed his first wedding as first photographer.
At this time film photography was the only option available and Gonçalves used them in his favourite manual cameras for over 10 years before turning to digital in 2004. Felipe graduated in Law, but the appeal of photography drew him back in. Five years later and Gonçalves turned his eyes to Sao Paulo and started his career as a freelancer Photographer.
In Sao Paulo Gonçalves worked on film sets as a stills photographer, having the chance to work with famous actors, politicians and big business. Gonçalves was also hired as a photographer  across many different industries like Architecture, Food, Cosmetics, Conferences, Studio, Cars, Nature, and especially Portrait.
Filming started as a challenge and now is also part of Gonçalves portfolio, his experience as a photographer helped him to quickly develop his skills as a camera man and editor. After more than 1000 weddings and events, Gonçalves is a very experienced photographer and has 100% of his work praised by his clients. Working in London since 2010, Gonçalves is a very well-known and established photographer/filmmaker, acknowledged for his professionalism, discretion, high quality work and friendliness, putting his subjects at ease.
If you want to have the best photography and filming of your event, you must consider Felipe Gonçalves.